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My name is Matthew Mattero, Inventor and have to date over 140 ideas I wish to bring to market.  I currently have a Patent Pending for my Sleep Apnea Modification Device that works much better than the existing one does.  If your President and CEO wants to see my idea have them sign my Non-Disclosure Agreement that I have signed, return it to my Patent Attorney Lawrence P. Zale at this address:  310 Adams Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503 and he will provide a link to you so you can review how it works with all the figures and drawings.  It will also show you how to create a prototype and a explanation of just how great my invention works!  Of course if you have any questions on the device and how it works please email me at: or call me directly at (908) 581-4222 on my cell phone and I will give you a call right back.

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Matthew Mattero Inventions has been around since early 1977 developing better ways for a changing world to do things that are more economical, easier to use and manufacture.